A Strad out of the blue: The incredible journey of the Gibson Stradivarius

2010 – Auto-édition

La version anglaise de « Tribulations d’un Stradivarius en Amérique ».

Based on the insights of a modern luthier, A Strad out of the Blue is the enthralling and true story of the famous blood-red Stradivarius, which now belongs to Joshua Bell.

Known as the Gibson Stradivarius, the priceless violin disappeared for decades after it was stolen by a bored jazz violinist, who eventually used it as an ash tray.

Expert on the subject, Frédéric Chaudière takes the reader on a journey originating in 17th century Cremona. The story traverses through the worlds of aristocrats, dealers, thieves, scoundrels and concert performers.

This well-researched whodunit and psychological thriller will capture readers well beyond the bounds of the music-loving public.

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